coneri pastry from Japan Stick x Veg x Dip

coneri pastries: original flour worked by skilled artisans

kona wo neru meaning to knead dough

The name ‘coneri’ comes from the Japanese ‘kona wo neru,’ meaning ‘to knead dough.’ Through a process of countless trials and samplings, we developed the perfect combination of Japanese wheat flour and fermented soybean flour—a secret blend we now call Coneri Flour. Expertly kneaded by our pastry artisans, each Coneri Pastry has roughly 1,000 folds, bringing out the unique flavor of the carefully selected ingredients, all wrapped in a satisfyingly crispy experience.

Coneri Pastry
The Musket Room New York

  • Chef Matt Lambert
  • Mitakahara Potato Coneri Pastry / Shiso Salad Wrap
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  • restaurant

Located in Manhattan’s diverse Nolita neighborhood, The Musket Room has won praise in The New York Times and received a coveted Michelin star. The restaurant’s New York patrons appreciate its farmhouse-chic interior, the herbs and vegetables raised in its inner garden, and Chef Matt Lambert’s meticulously prepared cuisine. Based on French techniques adapted to ingredients from his native New Zealand—with just a hint of Japanese taste—each of Chef Lambert’s dishes emerges as a veritable work of art. Now Chefs & Champagne presents a unique collaboration between Chef Lambert and Coneri Pastries, witnessing Coneri Pastry’s own transformation into a chic party dish. And from July 25 to 31, a specialized dish designed by Chef Lambert using Coneri Pastry will be included in the course menu at The Musket Room.

coneri Stick x Veg x Dip style


Stick x Veg x Dip

Introducing Coneri Pastries. Crisp and light, the dough is prepared with 1,000 folds, ensuring they’ll never flake apart in your hand. Savor one solo or dress it up with seasonal vegetables for the perfect parlor food. Add a glass of champagne and you’ve got an instant party!

Leafy Green Wraps

Leafy Green Wraps

Pair your Coneri Pastry with a vegetable stick and wrap it in your favorite leafy green—then dip! The savory combination of crispy pastry and fresh vegetables is a pure delight!

Veggie Riders

Veggie Riders

Take a chicory leaf and top it with Coneri Dip, a veggie stick and a Coneri Pastry to create a flavorful, healthy snack with a crunchy core. Switch your vegetables with the seasons to discover a different side of this delectable aperitif all year round!

The taste of Japan in a pastry. What’s the secret?


Grown in the acidic red soil of the Mikatahara Tableland southwest of Mt. Fuji, Mikatahara Potatoes are harvested individually by hand. Cherished by Japanese people for their thin skin, smooth flesh and rich flavor, every bite of a Mikatahara Potato Coneri Pastry shares the richness of a freshly harvested Mikatahara Potato, with the potato powder mixed directly into the dough.

Mikatahara Potato Coneri Pastry
—our bestseller!
coneri chobi mikatahara-potato

Pastry baked with generous helping of the Hamamatsu specialty of Mikatahara potato kneaded in are topped with coarse salt with a round flavor.

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Let’s take a look at what goes inside a Coneri Pastry


With its tangy taste and invigorating aroma, ginger has been a staple of Japanese cuisine for more than 1,000 years. Kochi Prefecture in particular is famous for the exquisite flavor and aroma of its ginger—which is why we use only Kochi ginger in our zesty Ginger Coneri Pastries!

Get elevated by the freshness of ginger
coneri chobi ginger

Ginger is dried with a gentle infrared light process that wraps in flavor, and the powder is kneaded into the dough before baking. Enjoy the spicy, mature flavor.

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coneri chobi